Maternity Fashion: what to wear and how to choose it

Posted by Nazeema Rylands on

These are great days for pregnant women. Those bulging bellies are increasingly seen as beautiful and natural, not something to be hidden.

Go for clothes that celebrate your curves, rather than masses of draping fabric to veil your tummy. Empire waists are great for showing off shoulders and growing breasts while giving baby room to grow. V-necks look good on almost everyone, and bring attention to the face. Open collars will accentuate your collarbone and make your neck look long and graceful.

Clingy clothes also look cleaner and neater,and will make it clear that you’re pregnant, not just extraordinarily large.And, don’t forget the basic rules — dark clothes are slimming, look good on everyone, and match with anything.

Thanks to crazy hormones, pregnant women tend to get kind of hot. Stay cool in breathable fabrics like cotton, viscose and matte jersey. Dress in layers so you can shed as the day goes on and your temperature rises. Also stay away from any scratchy fabrics — pregnant bellies are already itchy enough.

Most maternity clothes come in small, medium and large. The sizing is basically the same as non-pregnancy clothes, with extra room in the belly, boobs, hips and arm holes. Buy your regular size, and dont be tempted to size up in anticipation of your blossoming body.